Innovative mooring solutions
for floating structures.

DualDocker Mega yachts

Floating pontoons for mega yachts up to 100 m!

FLOATING PONTOONS For mega yachts up to 100 m! Individual customer requests call for innovative solutions. What if the customer needs a floating pontoon for his 80 m yacht parallel to the quaywall? Challenging location: The conditions at the requested location are really harsh as the floating pontoon is situated at the marina entrance with…

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Best Of DualDocker

BEST OF DUAL DOCKER Thanks to innovative technology, DualDocker is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of mooring solutions for floating structures up to 10 000 tons. DAMPED | SECURE | ECO-FRIENDLY DualDocker guarantees safety, stability and comfort in wind and waves. We offer a high level of convenience and safety. Incredibly calm position in…

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PERFECT V-SET UP Working on the water with a unique view but without hassle –  DualDocker provides stabilizers for floating workplaces. The highly damped DualDocker system keeps floating structures like this office in Gibraltar securely moored and without play regardless of the water level. DualDocker – Technologyleader in mooring systems for floating structures and floating…

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Floating Houses in Nacka

Floating Houses NAcKA The floating village in Nacka, Sweden keeps growing further!Fully equipped, large floating homes up to 300 tons are moored with the TriDocker-system of DualDocker for utmost comfort and safety.The customer is convinced of DualDocker. We delivered another system to Nacka for him just a month ago and the next are already planned for the end of the year.“The mooring system DualDocker was our first choice and…

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Floating Houses in Bitterfeld

Floating Houses at Lake Goitschesee This floating home project on lake Goitschesee in Germany is one of our flagship projects developed in corporation with Floating House Germany.   Ten 150t large floating homes and nine 15t houseboats have been moored now for several years on a fixed jetty with DualDocker. Without a breakwater and fully…

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80 m Yacht

80 m Yacht This time we present another innovative customer request to you.A  floating pontoon for a 80 m yacht is to be built parallel to the quaywall. The conditions on site are very challenging: Mooring Speed 0,3 knots (600t) Max. Wind Speed- 40 m/s Max. Current- 2,0 m/s Max. Water Level Difference – 1 m Max. Wave Height – 2…

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45 m Yacht

45 m Yacht This time we present another innovative customer request to you.A perpendicular floating pontoon for two 45 m yachts is to be built. The conditions on site are very demanding: Mooring Speed 0,5 knots (2x 350t) Max. Wind Speed- 35 m/s Max. Current- 1,0 m/s Max. Water Level Difference – 2,5 m Max. Wave Height- 1,5 m No Breakwater!…

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