The safe mooring solution

  • 20 kN
  • 50 kN
  • 100 kN
  • 150 kN
  • 200 kN

High end quality


DualDocker arms are available in these versions: 20 kN, 50 kN, 75 kN, 100 kN, 150 kN & 200 kN

Damping Capacity

  • Standard damping capacity is +- 150 mm (in both directions: push and pull)
  • The damping capacity is customized to YOUR project: Depending on local conditions such as wind, wave, current
    and the effect of kinetic energy.
  • The overall length of the DualDocker is customized to your project.

Choice of Material

Durability and resistance regarding salt water and UV impact

Type of materialSpecification
Alluminium alloy 6060 / T66 & 6082 / T6
Damping elementsPolyurethane
Slide guidesSynthetic material
Bolts, etc Stainless steel 1.4571


  • We have had excellent experience with saltwater resistent (hard) anodised aluminium alloy.
  • The surface is hard-wearing, saltwater and UV resistent and is an eyecatcher too

Convenience and safety

DualDocker offers high level of convenience and safety.
  • Minimum level of motion
  • Utmost safety during storm
  • Nearly Maintenance free